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We build community and empower our students to take what they absorb in yoga and yoga class sex into their daily lives. With our pay-as-you-can commitment, we open the studio to ALL. Our teachers are light-hearted, non-judgemental and compassionate. From our humble beginnings in a shared room with a crowdfunding campaign, our commitment to creating a safe place for spiritual growth enables us to hold space for you to work through whatever brings you to your mat.

Whether you want to increase mobility or strength, establish discipline, release stress, build confidence, or start a meditation practice, there is a class on our schedule for you. Sadhana level 1, Restorative or Blissful Yoga to start. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. It so happens that Mysore is ranked at no. 2 as a destination for all those foreigners who would like to learn something exotic and after going back to their respective countries, teach it to others for a fee. These people like to claim that they have learnt the science of Yoga straight from the horse’s mouth.

Yoga in my nuclear family Prema, my wife, has been doing Pranayama for 15 years and she finds it useful in relaxing and overcoming anxiety. There is a lady in the Women’s club who teaches Yoga to a lot of women. I would like to join that class. Don’t do that for heaven’s sake. Walking is more useful than tying yourself up into knots like a pretzel and making constipated faces. P : No, I will do Yogasans in the mornings and Walking in the evenings. A lot of nervous energy is expended in doing those asanas.

So you might not be left with any energy or motivation to do walking in the evenings. P : But I am told that it is a complete exercise and that it prevents all diseases including cancer ! M : Since it was invented 5000 years ago in India, most of the gullible Indians have a conviction that old is gold and their sheer patriotism and loyalty to their ancestors like Patanjali makes then feel that it is a panacea. Moreover Yoga asanas done as a stand-alone exercise can be dangerous too. M :  When  we engage in any activity like lifting, pushing, punching, squeezing, dancing or moving like in walking or jogging, we contract our muscles.


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